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How To Get Good at Addiction

Dave Chappelle

Food, sex, and money.

Work, weight loss, religion, shopping,  and the internet.

Pills, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, gambling, television, relationships, and video games.

You name it; we’re hooked on it.

We’re an obsessed culture.

We’re addicts.

Fiends, digging through dumpsters, hoping to get poked by a loaded needle.

We need help, don’t you agree?

They say, […]



Galileo suspected the earth was round, so they almost killed him.

A 13 year old kid grabbed a piece of wire and had his grandma put padding on the ends to protect his ears from the cold. His friends made fun of him, flung snow balls at his face, and laughed while they did […]

What Is Qwitr About?


Hey all, it’s been a while since I’ve checked in so I thought I’d let you know I’m still alive. If you’ve been keeping up to speed, you know there are some big changes happening in the Fuentes family household lately.

In other words, I’ve been busy.

But I’m happy to report the transition is […]

Give BullSh** The Pink Slip (Life After Getting Fired)

happily unemployed

The day started as usual.

I waltzed in 30 minutes late, sat at my desk, ate breakfast, distracted my co-workers, and intended to surf the internet all day.

Then, I received “the” email.

“Can I have a few minutes with you at 4:00?”

It was customary for my boss to fire people at the […]

How To Simplify Life and Get More Done without Setting Goals


Goals are our way of attempting to control a future that doesn’t exist, yet. They’re great for honing your sights in on a specific outcome, but in the process you close the door on other potential outcomes. Outcomes that could lead to adventure, excitement and fulfillment.

For example, have you ever paid to get in […]

What The Lorax Can Teach Us about Economics (and Saving The World)


Can you believe I’ve yet to read The Lorax by Dr. Seuss? I know, crazy right? And if you haven’t either you really should.

Like, right now.

Better yet, go see the movie. Take your kids, nephew or niece, and if you don’t have one of those, go see it anyway. By yourself, or with


How To Finish Reading a Book

Big sister Ruby and baby Luna

I like reading but hardly ever finish a book.

I can’t really say I lose interest.

I earnestly start with genuine curiosity on the topic and with the intention of finishing. But almost every time, I just stop – not sure why. My best guess is that it’s because I don’t read fiction books.

Fiction […]

The Guilt of Productivity (Why Calling Out of Work Makes You Feel Sick)


This is a continuation of my last post, Do Nothing. Based on your feedback, I have a feeling this is a topic of interest to you. I’d love to hear what you think in the comments.

Your eyes open. They feel heavy, and puffy.

You’re looking up at the ceiling and you know what […]

Do Nothing

I love Patrick Star

This week I’m taking a break.


Because I’ve been thinking too much.

About what direction I want to take with qwitr.

I have so many ideas floating through my mind my ears started leaking. You know the feeling. You’re working hard on a project that means the world to you, and you want to […]

7 Surprising Questions About Life’s Purpose That Bees Can Help You Answer

bee purposeful

When a bee visits a flower to forage for nectar, some of the flower’s pollen rubs off on the bee’s cute fuzzy little belly.

The bee then moves on to another flower and some of the pollen on his belly is transferred to that flower.

At this point the lights dim, a disco ball drops […]

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